Thursday, March 13, 2008

Road toads

Nature can be a cruel mother. Tonight she sent the rain, heavy and prolonged, knowing it would tempt out the toads to walk across the roads as people returned home from work.

Driving into my road - a street so small that calling it a road gives it illusions of grandeur - I stopped twice to rescue two toads (and a piece of crumpled up cellophane) from the tarmac. Three more toads were saved from stepping into the danger zone and were placed in the relative sanctuary of my garden.

I picked up a big frog from the middle of the road beside the stables and popped it on to the verge. Another stood, stupified, further along. I was too late to help him: either clipped by a car or picked up by a dog, he seemed not long for this life. I placed him in a flowerbed to die with some dignity.


Mopsa said...

I like to think that they've left all that spawn and incipient froglet potential to take over. Never seen so much spawn as this year.

mountainear said...

I've not yet seen a blogger award for kindness to toads - but am sure you deserve one!

Karen said...

I will never forget the night when my mum and I were in the car driving past the church just outside the village where my mum lives. It was twilight and I think it was full moon and there were toads ALL OVER the road shagging. We had no alternative but to drive over them as there were so many. My mum put her foot down to get it over with. I will never forget the noise *shudders*

Expatmum said...

You're going to have to give yourself half an extra on your commute each way at this rate.

Omega Mum said...

And how is the cellophane faring? Better than the frog, I trust.

ziggi said...

So MM where was your money Kauto or Denman??

mutterings and meanderings said...

Mopsa, it's funny - it's all frogs at my mum's, and all toads here ..

Mountainear, I am far too soft for my own good but once you start, you have to keep stopping for them all!

Karen, the stuff of nightmares!

Expatmum, you could well be right!

OM, the cellophane was unceremoniously dumped for masquerading as a toad!

Ziggi, I went the wrong way, I thought Denman had gne too soon but boy, he ran a supberb race!

Arthur Clewley said...

M&M, I looked in vein for the 'toad safety' pun. I think you missed a golden opportunity there

by the way, I am hoping to go to the annual good friday open day at some of the racing stables.If the grey mare needs a rest then I shall look out for any bargins for you, just tell me what to look for, which end is the front, that kind of thing

mutterings and meanderings said...

Arthur, this family does NOT need any more ex-racehorses ... my sister has three of em!

Enjoy - are you going to Middleham?

I shall expect photies.