Thursday, April 05, 2007

Richard the Lionheart

A big cream-coloured caravan was one of the steering wheel-smacking, angst-inducing and tedium-creating reasons why I was late home from work today.

When I managed to overtake as the A1 returned to dual carriageway, I noticed it was called a 'Crusader'. Was that because it got nowhere fast?


Anonymous said...

careful M&M, caravanners make the taliban look positively welcoming of criticsm by comparison. If you think the A1 is bad, try getting stuck behind one of those things going up the Dale to Keld. I've been allowed to pass by tractors, lorries, horseboxes, mopeds, pogosticks and spacehoppers and horse riders almost always give a handy wave past when they can see its clear ahead but NEVER NEVER NEVER NOT FUCKING EVER have I ever seen a caravan pull over to allow traffic to pass, oh now look what you've done to my blood pressure, grrrr!

signed anonymous because I'm not as brave as you

Anonymous said...

and another thing, if caravans had been invented in biblical times they would never have called the start of easter weekend GOOD friday either!!!

mutterings and meanderings said...

Ah anon, they might chase me, but they couldn't catch me ;)