Saturday, April 07, 2007

Stay at home Saturday

There were two things I wanted to do today and I have done neither.

The first was to go to the Point-to-Point. I resigned myself yesterday to the fact I would miss it because I am skint. Ratcheugh is the coldest place in the world: it has its own weather system transposed from Siberia. Even on a beautiful spring day, you can be assured that the crowds will be shivering. However, today has been veritably hot so I imagine Ratcheugh reached a tolerable temperature.

It is a place of giant skies and stunning views, even for those who are not of a horsy inclination; you can see the sea and at this season’s first meeting in January, we saw Robson Green. He was smaller than I imagined and impossibly tanned for the time of year.

I should also now be at a birthday party. But my sister has decided she is too tired and as I am a wussy girlie, I am not going on my own. It’s probably a wise decision: there is bound to be a fight. There are always fights. When I was younger, it was the local lads versus those who had the audacity to come here from elsewhere for a drink. Then, there was a nightclub of sorts and police presence on a Saturday night to deter the drunken brawlers.

Now, locals fight among themselves. I have seen the trouble erupt from nowhere: no argument, no raised voices, just suddenly spilled drinks and tables turned over as some unfortunate is bashed about. Sometimes it is the local lads against the Polish lads. The shouting alone is frightening; then the Polish lads fetch a knife and the tension is ratcheted another notch. The police, however, are no longer on hand; they have to be called in from elsewhere and the damage has been done before they arrive.

Brawling upsets me. I don’t understand why they do it. I wonder if they do? Perhaps it’s a sign I’m getting old.


BB said...

Hi M,
I saw some Point to Point at Ratcheugh today. Its only about half a mile from my house so I can hear the commentary from the garden! Although I'm not a 'horsey' person, last year I went to see it and I was well impressed. It looks a bit dangerous to me though. I think I'm more sedated than that...


james higham said...

Why not just rest up and relax, M&M? I wish you all the best in the tissue restoration sense.

Brom said...

It's almost comforting to hear you describe what would also be a normal Saturday Night in the town in Wales where I come from. Looks like nothing changes much.

Orhan Kahn said...

Brawling certenly does ruin a goodtime.

mountainear said...

Sounds like the average Saturday night in Welshpool too. Locals v Poles and Travellers.

We stay home, tucked up in the hills.

mutterings and meanderings said...

BB, I am so jealous! However, you're right about it being dangerous - my friend came off yesterday and was trampled on, knocked out, has a bruised jaw and ribs and swollen limbs. He, however, is more concerned about the fact he was leading three from home and thought he was going to win!

James, I have been for a restorative whoosh around the fields on my horse, which has helped to blow the ill-humour away.

Brom and Mountainear, I live in a village rather than a town which makes it all the worse!

Orhan, thanks for visiting!

Ziggi said...

You get punch ups in your village?
Perhaps we do and I've never noticed . . . ?

We go to Larkhill and Badbury Rings Point to Point and when we're feeling particularly flush Salisbury Races!
But you're right, even on the hottest days the wind howls over the courses - I always wear me thermals!

Hope your Easter was fun for you.

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Have recently discovered your blog! I dislike brawling too - not just because I'm getting older but because I fear a stray fist will make contact with part of my body - however much distance I put between myself and said brawl!

Karen said...

Alcohol is generally the reason why I don't "go out" at weekends. By this I mean to a club/bar/pub. I don't drink very much because I hate the feeling of being drunk, and also I have a slight allergy so it generally makes me feel shit. Almost like having a mild hangover at the time rather than the morning after. Even if I could drink copious amounts I wouldn't do it.

I hate being around drunk people, generally. They say and do stupid things and are unpredictable. When there are a lot of them them together this unpredictability can lead to an uneasy and threatening air to wherever you are whether it is a pub or a house party.

This must make me sound like an incredibly boring almost 24 year old but I would rather stay in an read a good book or go and chat in a nice quiet cafe somewhere.